The role of usher is to escort and seat. The word “Usher” means “Doorkeeper.” In early Christianity that post had a watchful significance since Christ’s crucifixion and the pagan laws of Rome prohibited Christian religious worship. The “Doorkeeper” or Usher, had to screen people to see if there were intruders or soldiers ready to harass or attack worshippers. The modern Usher’s role is related to those protective duties.


Ushers can always take pride in being of service in a post sanctified by spiritual devotion to the church of those who preceded through the ages. The Usher greets worshipers on sacred ground and reflects that obligation with a greeting that is warm, embracing, and without worldly persuasion. The atmosphere within the Church is always one of consecration and reflection towards God. Ushering is a service, and when undertaken as a prayerful extension to the work of the Church’s ministry, the person fulfilling the responsibility enriches his or her life experience.