Deacon Forrest Crawford - Superintendent

Sunday School is one of the Missionary Baptist honored and tested sacred traditions. While it has evolved to serve multiple functions over time, the mission remains; to understand God's word, to fellowship in christian love and serve the Lord with confidence and gladness. Unity Baptist Church does a good job of this faith work, but we can/must be and do better. Please consider the following for the purpose of improving the role of Sunday School as a vital core of God's will --- A Literacy based action:

  1. Mission: Managing the learning experience of God's faithful servants (Adult/Youth).
  2. Goals: (a) Focused exploration of prepared thematic topics as directed by quarterly text. (b) Form enthusiastic "Habit of Mind" for bible study. (c) Prepare hearts for morning worship.
  3. Activities: (a) Sunday School attendance -- Start a Sunday School "I'm Loving It" promotion. To increase excitement and attendance, members will receive at button that they wear throughout Sunday if they were on time 3 Sundays in a row (9:30 a.m.). (b) Bible Basics/New Member orientation with Reverend Gray and Reverend Fields. The assumption is that as members finish these lessons they will transition to our Adult class. Youth will keep their same classes. (c) "Everyday Ponders" - The opportunity for adults to openly discuss issues or pressing questions and thoughts that worry or shape us on a daily basis. (d) Sunday School obstacles/possibilities - Through focus groups, individual consultation, Pastor's guidance, staging feedback sessions on means and where should we move forward. (e) Other activities/films, Bible N Brunch, essays, Vacation, Bible School support.

Sunday School paves the way for saints to receive the powerful word of the Lord.


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