church DeaconessThe Deaconess Board of Unity Baptist Church serves as spiritual leaders and positive role models in the Church. Each Deaconess is charged with the responsibility to uphold Christian standards and exhibit the characteristics of a virtuous woman as outlined in Proverbs 31.

The Deaconesses are responsible for preparing candidates for Baptismal service. In addition, assigned members of the Deaconess Board are also responsible for the set-up and disassembling of the Communion table on the first Sunday of each month. Other related duties include the laundering and maintenance of used Communion gloves and baptismal garments. Additional duties include serving as "anchor-person" during the Right Hand of Fellowship in Communion services. A Deaconess is also in attendance, standing with the parents & godparents at all Christening services.

Deaconess Board:

  • Deaconess Cleona Collins - President
  • Deaconess Sonya Little-Jones
  • Deaconess Monica Little-Gill