Deacon Clem CollinsThe Calling of the Deacons

The office of deacon is described in the scriptures as one of sympathy and service. It is our desire to serve the Lord and His church by helping to meet the needs of people in our congregation and community. The Deacon Board is responsible for collecting the gifts of the congregation and for distributing them to those in need. In recent months there has been a significant increase in the number of requests for assistance and we pray that the congregation will continue to support this ministry through the special deacon's offerings taken each communion service. In addition, the deacons facilitate the ministry of the church by maintaining the buildings and grounds, ushering, managing the sound room, recording the gifts of the congregation, and other tasks that are intended to free the elders to pursue prayer and the ministry of the word. Finally, it is our desire to encourage others in the church to use their talents and gifts to serve the Lord together with us.