Duties of the Church Secretary (Sister Sonya Little-Jones):

  1. Coordinate and work with the pastor in ordering and maintaining office equipment and supplies.
  2. Work closely with auxiliary heads and contact people by sending meeting reminders, letters for programs, etc.
  3. Prepare and coordinate announcements with the announcements clerk
  4. Prepare and coordinate quarterly executive board meetings and annual business meeting; keeping accurate records for both.
  5. Check, screen, respond and route all email correspondence.
  6. Answer mail - correspondence (e.g., writing letters), phone calls, etc.
  7. Work with decorating committee to order flowers for members in the hospital and for funerals.
  8. Completion of all formal documents such as baptismal and marriage certificates; completion of annual church profile survey.
  9. Type, print and fold weekly bullentins.
  10. Keep accurate membership records (new members, baptisms, weeding, deaths, etc.)
  11. Act as contact person working with the SLBA (Salt Lake Baptist Association), UISBC (Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention), IGBC (Intermountain General Baptist Convention) and the staff of other churches.