1992 - Unity Baptist Church was established on March 3, 1992. When the Solid Rock Baptist Church and the Shiloh Baptist Church united under Reverend Walter Evans was the fir.st pastor. Reverend Evans resigned in 1994. That same year Reverend Anthony Simmons, the youth minister from Second Baptist Church in Ogden, Utah was called as interim pastor.

1996 - In 1996 Reverend Simmons was ordained and Unity officially called him as the pastor. Under the leadership of Reverend Simmons, the Unity Daycare was established. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood departments were also started. Reverend Simmons and the Unity family both grew spiritually.  Reverend Simmons, a military man serving in the U.S. Air Force was assigned to serve in the state of Texas. Reverend Simmons resigned in 1997.

1998 - In June of 1998 Unity Baptist Church called Reverend Harold O. Fields. Under the leadership of Reverend Fields, Unity began to pray and focus on the spiritual and physical needs of the church. We have had many upgrades and renovations to the building, e.g., new pews, paint, baptismal pool. In 2010 the church was able to upgrade the church by reupholstering the pews, adding central air, and ceiling fans. Many souls have been added to the kingdom and live have been changed, e.g., Missionaries in Africa, England, and Texas.

Present - Pastor Fields is a visionary and he teaches that ministeries are necessary, both in and out of the physical building. The Faith Team evangelizes, the Master Life graduates witness, and the choirs minister through music. In the last year the church added a new Audio/Visual ministry, which offers the word  to the sick and shut-in. We are also proud to be a part of the Rescue Mission and Rescue Haven ministries.

Unity is active in the Southern Baptist Convention as well as the Intermountain General Baptist Convention (IGBC) in which, Pastor Fields formerly held the presidency. The Unity family continues to be active in the IGBC, where members have and continue to serve in leadership positions.